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Every once in a while, a revolutionary technology comes along and changes everything completely. It brings people closer to all products, services, and information while reshaping our economy. This level of innovation happened a couple times in the last few decades through the invention of GUI (Graphical User Interface), Internet Browser, and the iPhone, essentially changing average consumers' perception of what a computer means, from Command Line to Windows, to Internet Explorer, and to Apps/iPhone.

It's been 11 years since Apple announced the first iPhone. As many predict the advancements of Artificial Intelligence and the abundance of modern age data will enable another revolution, few, however, has witnessed such an impact on average consumers' lives. Most of AI / ML technology today have been developed for narrow purposes only. Since the narrow purposed AI cannot learn beyond its learning domains and its training data are strictly related only to its narrow purpose, integrating them inside of widely accepted general products can be extremely hard and time consuming. Brain aims to break down such limitations by inventing an AI that is free to utilize other software and AI for general purposes with understanding of complex human needs and individuality, and will bring people much closer to computers. Brain aims to once again reinvent Human Computer Interaction through connecting people more naturally and personally with all services, products and information through our Morphing Interface™ and our software of general intelligence.

Brain has raised more than $50M from its venture partners. Brain's investors include Laurene Powell Jobs, Goodwater Capital, Scott Cook and WTT Investment.

Machine Learning Engineer/Scientist

As a data scientist at Brain, you will help create a system that understands and interprets language the way we naturally speak. You’ll use NLP to mine unstructured data and create insights and a statistical approach to analyze and model structured data. You’ll implement algorithms and software in order to perform analyses. You’ll be working alongside a team of diverse engineers and developers to collaborate on different layers of the product’s infrastructure.

  • Develop and perform text classification using methods such as logistic -regression, decision trees, support vector machines and maximum entropy classifiers.
  • Identify data-related challenges and propose solutions that impact the product functionality.
  • Research, design, and implement new algorithms and improvement the efficiency of known algorithms.
  • Aggregate and compile data for analysis using ETL.
  • Use statistical, exploratory, and predictive analysis to apply appropriate algorithms to the data and identify interesting trends and relationships.
  • A solid foundation of natural language processing.
  • Understanding of deep learning and machine learning for natural language
  • Experience with ETL tools and data integration efforts
  • Software coding experience, especially in Python
  • English fluency including written and verbal communication
Senior Backend Engineer

As a backend engineer at Brain, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining our backend services, collaborating with a team of diverse engineers to bring a new, paradigm-shifting technology to market. In this position, you have the opportunity to act as a key contributor in our technology, and solve new and challenging problems each day. We need a talented person who can think critically, collaborate with others, and focus on creating a revolutionary product in a progressive startup setting.

  • Take ownership and act as a key contributor, solving new and challenging problems.
  • Work with front-end to seamlessly integrate the server side with the user-facing elements.
  • Design and architect around building scalable microservices.
  • Have exposure to distributed systems architecture.
  • Write clean and reusable code and libraries for future development, using programming best practices.
  • Optimize the application for maximum speed and scalability.
  • Design and implement data storage solutions.
  • Troubleshoot and debug applications.
  • Build APIs for our web and mobile applications using security best practices.
  • 5+ years of experience as a backend engineer
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent experience
  • Server-side MVC frameworks (Django, RoR, Revel)
  • Data modeling with a relational database or documentDB
  • Proficiency in at least one of the following programming languages: Python, Javascript, Golang, Ruby
  • Implementing code pipelines with CI/CD tools
  • AWS experience across the stack (EC2, S3, IAM, etc)
  • Docker container strategies in production settings
  • Docker orchestration frameworks- Docker Swarm, Kubernetes
  • Test Automation

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